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Army Fitness Calculator

Army Fitness CalculatorAndroidArmy Fitness Calculator now available on Android Mobile Phones, FREE and No Ads! Also includes a 2-minute timer for pushup and situp events, a stopwatch for run/walk events, height/weight screening, body fat calculator and the official APFT instructions.

Calculate your APFT scores using your Mobile Phone. Now you can connect to through your internet capable mobile browser to calculate your APFT score. Mobile APFT Calculator

The Army Fitness Calculator brings the APFT, extended scale, alternate run event, and body fat calculators for all age groups and both genders into one easy to use program. A working and free online version is available to the right.

The APFT & Extended Scale Calculator takes the raw scores from the three APFT events and calculates each event score, total score, and extended scale score. The calculator shows the minimum and maximum repetition/time for each APFT event and displays if it was a GO or NO GO.

To pass the APFT, you must receive at least a 60 in each event. To qualify for the extended scale you must receive at least a 100 in each event.

Other events, such as the 2.5 mile walk, 6.2 mile bike, and 800 yard swim, are also included for alternate run event scoring. These events are considered GO / NO GO and not awarded any points. However, an averaged unofficial score is provided to assess and compare performance.

UPDATED FOR LATEST AR 600-9 STANDARDS The Body Fat Calculator first determines if the soldier’s current height and weight meet the current Army screening weight standards. It then simply takes soldier measurements and automatically figures the individuals’ body fat percentage and checked against body fat standards.

The Army Fitness Calculator is also comes as a stand-alone program available for free download. It has the same features as the online version located to the right, but does not require to be on the internet and stored as one file. This calculator is free, does not require additional software (ex: Excel, Access, Java, etc.) and can be freely distributed.

Standards and calculations referenced from:
- FM 21-20 Army Physical Fitness Training
- AR 600-9 Army Weight Control Program

Link to

Place the calculator on your site
You can place the Army Fitness Calculator on your website for free. By simply adding a small section of HTML code to your webpage or profile, you can have the same calculator located to the right show up on your own pages. Click here for the HTML Code.

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